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Running out of medication? Need a medical certificate for work or school? Are you just after a quick consultation, and you don’t feel like waiting in the waiting room of your local GP clinic?

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Running out of medication? Need a medical certificate for work or school? Are you just after a quick consultation, and don’t feel like waiting in the waiting room of your local GP clinic? No worries, now you can do all these anywhere in Australia**, even while sitting on the beach! Connect with our AHPRA-registered online doctors for medical consultations, all from our DoctorAI (a.k.a doctor available instantly) app. Download the DoctorAI app now and request a consultation with a fully qualified online doctor today.

**NOTE – Must be in Australia to use this service

How It Works


Download the DoctorAI App on Google or Apple App Store.


Fill in your personal details and double check everything is correct.


Pay $41.50 with a credit card or bulk billing for eligible users.


A doctor will contact you ASAP.


Instantly receive an electronic prescription, referral or medical certificate via email.

We know you’ll be satisfied with our online doctor services. In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, or if your request can’t be completed online, we’ll issue a refund**.

That’s our promise.

**If private consultation fees paid. Credit card processing fee (2.2%) charged by the bank will not be refunded. No refund will be provided for any S4 or S8 medication request. Terms and conditions apply.

Popular Services

The most popular services include access to online prescriptions, referrals to specialists, medical certificates, telehealth doctors and much more. Our GPs online offer bulk billing wherever applicable. With an online doctor consultation, fast, convenient and safe medical attention is never far away. Download the DoctorAI app for your online GP consultation today.

If you have simple health concerns, get them answered quickly and easily today. We can help with:

  • cold and flu
  • gastroenteritis
  • upper respiratory infection
  • skin infection
  • dental infection
  • eye and ear infection
  • urinary tract infection
  • simple rashes
  • gastro-oesophageal reflux
  • travel medicine

Just show us your current medication label with your name and the prescribed doctor’s name on it, and our GPs online will get your repeat prescription for you.

Strictly NO medications of addiction, painkiller, narcotics, sleeping tablets, medicinal cannabis, abortion pills (MS-2 Step) and any Schedule 4 and 8 medications.

Our GPs online can provide a referral to any private specialist in Australia, except a referral to a public hospital or a referral for termination of pregnancy.

An online doctor consultation can provide you with a medical certificate if you are unfit for study or work. However, please note we are unable to back-date any medical certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online GP

Need a doctor online? Wherever you are, our online doctor services offer prompt, fully registered medical consultations and certificates.

Your online doctor at DoctorAI can prescribe antibiotics. Simply book an online doctor consultation with DoctorAI, and we can prescribe the required medication according to your medical needs — promptly and efficiently.

Online doctors can prescribe antidepressants according to your medical needs. If you need to renew your prescription for antidepressant medication, consult your doctor online at DoctorAI.

If you need to renew your medications, all you need to do is show us the label on your current medication, with your name and the name of your prescription doctor on it.

Please note that our GPs online cannot renew prescriptions for medications related to addiction, painkillers, narcotics, sleeping tablets or medicinal cannabis (Schedule 4 and 8 medications).

You can get a doctor’s medical certificate online at DoctorAI. All you need to do is download the app and have an online doctor consultation, for your doctor’s medical certificate for school or work.

The medical certificate will be emailed to you instantly after the consultation. Please be advised that the doctor is not able to back-date a certificate.

Online doctors can provide a referral to a private specialist, to suit your medical needs. Exemptions apply to public hospital referrals.

Please note we cannot refer you to a public hospital or for a termination of pregnancy.

You can find a doctor online quickly and effortlessly at DoctorAI.  Simply download the DoctorAI app and you can be booking your consultation within minutes. Your online doctor at any time is DoctorAI.

An online doctor appointment is just a click away at DoctorAI. Prompt and efficient, consulting a doctor online puts your health and safety needs first. Simply download the DoctorAI app to get started.

Doctors online work in the same way that an in-person GP consultation works. The major benefit is that you can attend your medical appointments at your own convenience, without the need for a trip to the clinic.

Taking your medical needs online does away with the need for long commute times or waiting periods. Your online GP at DoctorAI will take care of your medical needs without the inconvenience of an in-person visit.

For an online doctor chat, download our app today.