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With DoctorAI ‘s telehealth app, it’s convenient and fast to get in touch with an online psychologist. Download our app to get a referral to an online psychologist and start focussing on your mental health.

DoctorAI can provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan to see a psychologist through Medicare if you are eligible.
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Take control of your mental health

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, stress, addiction and relationship issues, you can take control of mental health at

DoctorAI is the easiest and fastest way to get talking with a psychologist.

All you need to do to get started is download the DoctorAI app. From there, you’ll talk with our team, and after our consult, we can refer you to an online psychologist consultation for an appointment that day.

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How can you benefit from an online psychologist consultation?

Secure and secure, DoctorAI offers referrals with online psychologists across Australia to suit your needs. It’s the most convenient way to see a psychologist at a time and place that suits you – and it’s as equally valid as any medical referral that you would have in-person at a clinic.

The mental health support you need, in the comfort of your own home – our service is all about making the best healthcare services available to you. Get started with DoctorAI for your psychologist referral today.
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If you’re feeling deep, persistent depression, we don’t want you to face this alone. Depression is more common than you may think, and a psychologist referral from DoctorAI can guide you to better mental health outcomes.
No matter how insurmountable it may seem, anxiety can be brought under control. The psychologist referral from DoctorAI will help you identify and manage the sources of anxiety in your life, so you no longer feel trapped by them.
Stresses can build up in your life until they are taking a toll on all aspects of your health. Contact DoctorAI if you need a psychologist referral for cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and stress alleviation therapies.
Disagreements are a reality of all relationships, but you can have some help in working it out together. To overcome obstacles together and build a healthy relationship based on lasting and fulfilling bonds, talk with us today for an online psychologist’s referral.
Left untreated, addictions can derail your relationships and life plans, but the choice is in your hands. Talk with DoctorAI today for an online psychologist’s referral about the steps you can take to bring control and fulfilment back into your life.
If you are struggling to cope with everyday situations, you don’t have to deal with this alone. Talk with DoctorAI for a psychologist referral to find your stability and strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can see a psychologist by downloading the DoctorAI app. Simply consult your online GP for a specialist referral to a psychologist.
Bringing you the best of telehealth, DoctorAI is fully online, so you can call us for an online psychologists’ referral to see an online psychologist from Sydney to Perth and everywhere in between.

You can book an appointment with a psychologist by downloading the DoctorAI app, as the first step to seeing a psychologist.
Book an appointment with one of the online doctors at DoctorAI, and we can refer you to a specialist consultation with a psychologist.

Our referral consultations for online psychologists are covered by Medicare, via the Mental Health Care Plan if you are eligible, after being assessed by our online doctor.
To learn more about our referrals for online psychologists and Medicare rebates, please see the full list here.

Just as we do for adults, your child can be referred to a child psychologist from a consultation with DoctorAI. As a fully online service, our app is the easiest way to see an online psychologist, from Melbourne to Darwin and everywhere in between.