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Do you require medical treatment or evaluation, but can’t attend a consultation in person? Telehealth Australia is an online or over the phone medical appointment that can be conducted anywhere in Australia.

Not only is a Telehealth appointment safe and convenient to use, but Telehealth services help protect healthcare professionals, their staff and their patients from the unnecessary risk of infection.

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How it works

A Telehealth appointment works just like a regular medical appointment, but it is conducted safely and conveniently over the video call or audio call using your phone. Simply book an appointment with DoctorAI for a Telehealth consultation or Telehealth counselling to suit your medical needs.

Telehealth works by putting patients in touch with the right medical professional, either via video conferencing or by conducting an appointment over the phone.

What you need to know

You need to know that Telehealth is available to patients who require the online or phone-based services of a GP.

Telehealth services are also bulk billed, wherever applicable.

A Telehealth appointment for a GP is easy to arrange with DoctorAI. 

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Telehealth for remote locations

Telehealth Australia is ideal for remote locations because it realises the need for professional medical appointments, virtually whenever and wherever you need them.

Telehealth QLD

You can make use of Telehealth QLD services by booking a Telehealth QLD appointment online with DoctorAI.

Telehealth VIC

You can conveniently access Telehealth Victoria online or over the phone by booking a Telehealth VIC appointment online with DoctorAI.

Telehealth NSW

DoctorAI takes care of your Telehealth NSW needs with online or over the phone bookings.

Telehealth TAS

The DoctorAI service is also available for Telehealth booking online in TAS. Get you online appointment booked today with DoctorAI.

Telehealth SA

Access Telehealth in SA with ease using the DoctorAI app. Download today.

Telehealth WA

DoctorAI handles your Telehealth WA needs with online or over the phone bookings. Use the app and discover the convenience today.

Telehealth NT

DoctorAI is able to connect NT with Telehealth doctors instantly. Download now and the doctor is available instantly.

Telehealth ACT

Access Telehealth in ACT through the DoctorAI app. Download now and have it ready for when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth works in the same way as regular medical appointments. The difference is that Telehealth appointments are facilitated over the phone or online, instead of face to face.
You can use Telehealth when your primary need is professional medical advice or the risk of serious medical illness is low. You can use Telehealth when you live in a remote location or has no time to wait in the crowded waiting room, or where particular medical specialists or GPs are out of reach.
We need Telehealth because it’s not always easy for patients to physically attend a medical appointment. We also need Telehealth because of patient mobility issues and the need for ongoing medical evaluation in an online or phone setting.
Telehealth monitoring is the use of specific technology to allow doctors to interact with their patients in a safe, comfortable and ongoing presence. Telehealth monitoring reports, collects, transmits and evaluates patient health data through the use of electronic devices and doctor/patient interaction.
Telehealth is definitely worth it, especially if you live in a remote location, experience mobility issues or are simply time-poor. Telehealth is just like a regular medical appointment, except that a Telehealth appointment is conducted online or over the phone by the same qualified and registered doctors.
Telehealth is covered by Medicare, wherever applicable. Check your eligibility for Medicare bulk billing at the time of booking your Telehealth appointment.
A Telehealth GP consultation is like a regular doctor or specialist consultation. The major difference is that a Telehealth consultation is conducted online or over the phone, from the comfort of your home, no matter where in Australia you are located.
Telehealth counselling is the provision of professional online counselling. Telehealth psychology services take place by booking a Telehealth appointment. DoctorAI is able to refer you for Telehealth psychology.Ask about the Mental Health Care Plan when you speak to the doctor during your Telehealth counselling or Telehealth psychology appointment.